About us

Umbrella Multicultural Health Cooperative is a member driven not for profit health services organization. Our members are people who face barriers to accessing health care due to their language and culture.


Our mission is to provide practical access to affordable and holistic health care services that are appropriate in culture and language for those who are without access to health security*.


Our vision is of a health cooperative of empowered, diverse families and individuals who have health security.

*We define health security as having accessible, affordable, appropriate, safe and secure health services.

Cross Cultural Health Brokers

Our organization provides services through a Cross Cultural Health Broker (CCHBs) model. CCHBs provide cultural and linguistic interpretation to facilitate communication between clients and health care service providers, thereby contributing to improved overall health outcomes.

CCHBs support clients by:

  • Enhancing communication and cross cultural understanding with health care service providers
  • Providing interpretation services
  • Helping to navigate the health care system and health related appointments
  • Doing community outreach and home visits
  • Supporting client’s self-help and self-management
  • Facilitating group activities
  • Providing assistance with other social needs through referrals to community agencies

CCHBs support health care services providers by:

  • Enhancing communication and cross cultural understanding with clients
  • Providing support to clients during and outside of appointments ie: reminder phone calls, follow up, etc