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Umbrella Multicultural Health Co-op | Call for Proposals *Closed*
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Call for Proposals *Closed*

***Call for Proposals is Now Closed***


We are excited to be able to accept more applications for our National Gathering. We are looking forward to your submissions and we are grateful for those we’ve already received.


Submissions deadline: Friday, March 9th, 2018 at 5:00 PM PST


Decisions communicated by: Thursday, March 29th, 2018


The goal of the first Multicultural Health Worker National Gathering is to strengthen the network of people working as cultural brokers with ethnocultural communities across Canada. The three-day gathering will focus on peer learning, and we’re looking for participants.


There’s room for forty participants at the gathering. All food and accommodation will be paid for, and up to 60% of travel costs will be reimbursed. Participants who who self identify as a multicultural health worker (MHW) and facilitate a workshop, conversation cafe or present during the gathering will be given priority for attending. We will strive for representation across English and French speaking Canada.


If you’re a MHW, working with ethnocultural communities and want to share your work, we would like to invite you to shape this gathering by submitting a breakout session proposal.

Proposals should be relevant to the event theme “Understanding the role of the Multicultural Health Worker in Canada”. Below is a guideline for how to submit a proposal, as well as a list of topics that have come up during our community consultations. Or we’d love to hear what you’d like to share about your work with other MHWs.




Who is a multicultural health worker?


A MHW falls under the umbrella term of a Community Health Worker (CHW). As described by the Community Health Workers Network of Canada (CHWN) a CHW creates bridges between vulnerable populations and mainstream health and social services and promote health and wellbeing.


Multicultural Health Workers are invited to submit proposals for the following sessions:


  • Workshop (60-75 min) 2-5 facilitators


Workshops are intended to discuss a particular topic in detail and/or build skills or resources in relation to the theme. For example, a workshop on effective methods of outreach in the community or strategies for self-care at work that included role play, handouts.


  • Conversation Cafe (60-75 min) 2-5 facilitators


Conversation cafe can be used to have a calm and profound conversation. It can invite all participants to gather in small groups to listen to one another thoughts and reflect together on a shared challenge. For example, a conversation on addressing the social needs of medically complex patients/clients that included case studies, storytelling, etc.


  • Oral Presentation 1 facilitator or more


There will be a few oral presentations selected. Propose a highly interactive session that will include a 15 minutes of lecture or presentation and 45-60 minutes of Q&A and facilitated discussion. For example, a presentation inspiring MHW on being change agents in the community and in the system.


To design highly engaging interactions, we encourage applicants to use one of the 35 Liberating Structures available to create inclusive, fun, innovative and simple activities.


Resource: Liberating Structures for creative ways to organize interactions and meetings


What should be included in your proposal?


  1. Choose a title and write 1-2 sentences that accurately depict the content of your session.
  2. Describe your proposed session (400 words).


The description should outline the topic, roles of the facilitator(s) and how your session will engage the audience. How will you include anecdotal experience? Detail why your proposed session will be memorable, unique, and compelling. Why do you want to share your topic? Include learning objectives that detail what session participants will learn.


Suggested topics:


  • Professional development skills: boundaries, conflict resolution, health and safety, ethics, leadership, privacy/confidentiality, etc.
  • Sharing best practices and emerging lessons through mentorship and impactful case studies.
  • Addressing social determinants of health in your community
  • Supporting most vulnerable populations
  • Topics related to the integration of the MHW in the community and health systems
  • Professional designation: issues related to certification, education, accreditation and/or training.
  • Utilization of social media and/or technology to promote services
  • Topics related to wellness for personal and professional practice


Proposal Evaluation Process


All proposals received will be peer-reviewed by the Gathering Committee. Our team will conduct an evaluation based on the following criteria:


  1. Proposals with speakers who fall under the the umbrella term of community health workers (CHW) will be prioritized. CHW can be cultural resource facilitators, community health brokers, multicultural health navigators, community navigators, cross-cultural health promoters, community outreach workers, peer educators, community health brokers, multicultural health brokers, cross cultural health brokers, peer leaders, diversity liaison workers and lay health educators.
  2. Relevance to the gathering theme, suggested topics or other impactful topics
  3. Clear description of learning objectives.
  4. Proposal actively engages all audience.
  5. Diversity and intersectionality of program content.
  6. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.