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Umbrella Multicultural Health Co-op | Family Practice
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Family Practice

Our growing clinic connects immigrants and newcomers with our Cross Cultural Health Brokers and physicians.


CCHBs are bilingual/bicultural health workers who bridge language and cultural barriers. They work with patients from their communities to access medical and social services and to empower them to make informed decisions. They support the relationship between patients and family doctors.


Our family practice sees patients who self-identify as experiencing cultural and language barriers to accessing health care.


Our waitlist is open to patients from the following communities:


Middle Eastern (Arabic-speaking)

Iranian/Afghan (Farsi/Pashto/Dari-speaking)

Latin American (Spanish-speaking)

Eritrean (Tigrinya/Amharic-speaking)



We accept patients with IFHP, MSP, and other private insurance. We see patients by appointment only.


To request an appointment please leave a message at 604-553-0633. Your call will be returned based on clinic priorities. If this is an emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Family Practice Team Picture
I feel the work we do is so important. We are filling a huge gap for newcomers, that I felt when I first arrived to Canada. Even though I’m a physician in my home country and speak English, adjusting to my new life here was filled with uncertainty, including how to access health care. I feel solidarity with our patients, and understand on a personal level when I see the relief in their face when we bridge our health service to their language and culture.” – Cross Cultural Health Broker

Vancity was a past supporter of the clinic and our current expansion is generously supported by Green Shield Canada.

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