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Umbrella Multicultural Health Co-op | Our Team
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Our Team

Cross Cultural Health Brokers

Our cross cultural health brokers (CCHBs) are the heart of our organization.
We believe bridging the cultural and language gap together provides a higher quality of health care.
Our CCHBs are bilingual bicultural health workers from the community they work in.

Cross Cultural Health Brokers


  • Rahwa Beshir – Umbrella Babies, Family Practice, Pediatric Consultation Clinic
  • Hedi Chable – Mobile Clinic, Family Practice, Pediatric Consultation Clinic
  • Namira Elshamey – Family Practice, Pediatric Consultation Clinic
  • Sofia Luna – Mobile Clinic, Family Practice, Pediatric Consultation Clinic
  • Irene Santos – Family Practice, Pediatric Consultation Clinic
  • Raquel Velasquez – Umbrella Babies
  • Wazhma Wakil – Family Practice, Pediatric Consultation Clinic

Physicians and Support Staff


  • Fatima Campos – Medical Office Assistant
  • Grace Dalgarno – Communications and Community Coordinator
  • Lynn Farrales – Family Doctor
  • Carolyn Hall – Family Doctor
  • Ana Hernandez – Mobile Clinic Coordinator
  • Esther Hsieh –  Co-Executive Director
  • Suzanne Idle – Co-Executive Director
  • Anita Malik – Pediatrician
  • Julie Milligan – Pediatrician
  • Raquel Velasquez – Family Practice, Pediatric Clinic, and Umbrella Babies Program Coordinator
  • Mei-ling Wiedmeyer – Family Doctor

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Our Supporters

Our work would not be possible without the generous grants from our foundations: