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Many Faces of Diabetes

Many Faces of Diabetes provided ethnoculturally specific programs for communities at higher risk of type 2 diabetes. The program was led by Cross Cultural Health Brokers from Latin American, Afghan, South Asian, South Sudanese, and Somali communities. 




CCHBs are bilingual/bicultural health workers who bridge language and cultural barriers. They work with community members to access medical and social services and to empower them to make informed decisions. They support the relationship between patients and the health care system.


CCHBs held screening events in their communities that included diabetes testing and presentations about type 2 diabetes while sharing a tasty, healthy meal together. Once identifying higher risk individuals, each community’s CCHB led a six-week self-management course.


Notably, Many Faces of Diabetes was developed with the support of an advisory committee. This unique group of stakeholders was comprised of representatives from health authorities, universities, community partners and project staff. They met regularly for two years to collectively problem solve and support the creation of ethno-specific, community-led health programs.


Click HERE for a summary of the project [Infographic]


Click HERE for more details about the project [Research Brief]

For more information call us at 604-553-0633.

MFD-Food Models
I have diabetes. With this program I have learned a lot regarding food preparation. I changed the amount of oil while cooking and have lost 13 kg. I feel much better and my glucose values are almost normal. Also, this is very important since, as a chef, I prepare the food for all our community events.”
Participant, Afghan self-management participant

The Many Faces of Diabetes pilot program was generously supported by the Lawson Foundation and Vancity.

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