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Multicultural Health Workers National Gathering

New! Schedule of Sessions


We have been working to bring together a great topics for discussion and we are thrilled that Yvonne Chiu from the Multicultural Health Brokers Co-operative will be the keynote speaker for the event! Please read on for more information.




Yvonne Chiu


Yvonne is one of the founding members of the Multicultural Health Brokers Co-operative in Edmonton.  The MCHB Co-op is an award-winning workers co-operative established by workers to address health and social issues experienced by immigrant & refugee families within their communities.  


As a member of the Co-op, Yvonne has spent the past two decades exploring a variety of participatory processes to engage immigrants/refugees in making visible their struggles and aspirations for the purpose of community actions, system and social change.  



Over the years, she has also gathered the learning from her colleagues at the MCHB Co-op about their experience pursuing community health work within the  “cultural brokering” practice.  This set of learning provided Yvonne and the MCHB Co-op the foundation to:


–  promote broadly an understanding and appreciation of the cultural brokering practice, 

–  develop training about cultural brokering with colleagues within diverse sectors and

–  pursue innovative collaboration with colleague within the health/mental health, education and child welfare systems involving the cultural brokering practice.


Prior to this, Yvonne had worked as a Settlement Counsellor in Edmonton’s Chinatown, a Social Development Officer at the Alberta Multiculturalism Commission, and a Health Promotion Practitioner with the former Edmonton Board of Health (the local Public Health Department).