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عيادة امبريلا المتنقلة

Launched in June 2011, the Umbrella Mobile Clinic is specially targeted to the unique needs of temporary foreign farm workers.


The clinic operates on a pop-up basis, at times from a trailer converted into a medical clinic, and at times in spaces donated by partner organizations. The mobile clinic team travels throughout the Fraser Valley providing Spanish language medical services. The crew consists of physicians, physiotherapist, Cross Cultural Health Brokers, and many support workers.


CCHBs are bilingual/bicultural health workers who bridge language and cultural barriers. They work with patients from their communities to access medical and social services and to empower them to make informed decisions. They support the relationship between patients and family doctors.

Umbrella Mobile Clinic depends on the work passionate, dedicated volunteers. Are you interested in volunteering for this project? Click HERE.


For more information please contact the clinic coordinator at

[email protected].

UMC LangleyTeam

Currently the Umbrella Mobile Clinic is seeking a funder for ongoing operations.


If you are interested in sponsoring member-driven, culturally-connected, and equitable health care then please contact the clinic coordinator:

[email protected]


To support the Umbrella Multicultural Health Co-op:

The clinic started as a pilot project with the generous support from the Vancouver Foundation.